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Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота
[ · Скачать удаленно (17.4 МБ) ] 03.04.2012, 15:22
Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охотаГод выпуска: 1999
Язык: Английский
Жанр: Action, Simulation, Sports, Fishing
Издательство: Zombie Studios
Формат файла: Приложение
Размер файла: 39.6 Мб
Пароль к архиву: http://podvoh.com

Описание: Игра подводная охота "Bluewater Hunter" (1999).

Sponsored by "Body Glove" brand of bodysuit, Bluewater Hunter is an interesting underwater hunting game that immerses you in the dangerous world of freediving.Your goal is to hunt the world's largest trophy gamefish in 6 dive locations, using realistic equipment and taking into account the laws of physics.

The game does a good job of modelling underwater environments in 3D. The adrenaline rush of seeing a giant gamefish emerge from the murky waters is palpable, and it's quite exciting to see a menacing shark coming out of the blue, looking for blood. As far as I can tell, game physics is reasonably realistic. For example, you have to always watch your oxygen level while underwater, and deal with the perennial balance between weight and usability while you choose equipment. Dangerous predators make the game more challenging, and you can toggle the difficulty level if you find the game too hard or too easy (there are 3 skill levels in total). Dozens of equipment, 14 species of gamefish, and solid gameplay makes this one of the more interesting fishing games on the market. It is repetitive in places, but it should not deter fans of the sport who take the adage "patience is a virtue" to heart. Recommended!

Up Arrow Key                move forward
Down Arrow Key            move backward
Left Arrow Key               turn left
Right Arrow Key             turn right
A Key                            pitch up
Z Key                            pitch down
NumPad 8                      zoom in
NumPad 2                      zoom out
NumPad 4                      camera left
NumPad 6                      camera right
F Key                             fire weapon
A Key                            reload weapon
1 Key                            flasher
2 Key                            croaking
3 Key                            strumming
F1 Key                          handbook
P Key                            pause
Q Key                           quit

Системные требования:
Minimum CPU Class Required:     Pentium
Minimum RAM Required:     32 MB
Video Modes Supported:     SVGA/XGA (640*480)
Input Devices Supported:     Keyboard, Mouse

Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота Bluewater Hunter (1999) / Подводная охота
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